5 Tips To Train Your Dog To Be Home Alone

5 Tips To Train Your Dog To Be Home Alone

No matter how much we love our dogs, unfortunately, we cannot bring them with us everywhere. To a lot of modern pet parents, it’s distressing to leave a puppy at home for the first time. Therefore, It’s important to train your puppy to be alone as soon as possible. Otherwise, you might wind up with a dog who barks excessively, chews everything in the house or develops a serious case of separation anxiety. 

Steps to train a dog to stay home alone

To prepare for this training, you will need a few of his favorite toys, some treats and a comfy bed.

Step 1 - Start with 5 minutes

You can leave him in a room alone for 5 minutes. Before leaving, don’t make an emotional “goodbye”. Give him his favorite toys and say with a positive voice: “Have fun! See you later! Be good!”. 

Step 2 - Return

When you return, calmly greet your dog, no matter how excited he is. Then you can give him a treat and pet him. 

Step 3 - 15 minutes 

Next step is not only to increase the time but also the distance. You should walk out of your house this time. Repeat the same attitude like the previous exercise. 

Step 4 - Increase the time gradually

Over the next couple of weeks, increase the separation times to 30 minutes, then 1 hour, 2 hours. Make sure you maintain a consistent routine of calm greetings, giving him his toys and giving treats after you return. 

Step 5 - Be patient

This training can last for months. Sometimes you might have to repeat the whole process from Step 1. However, be resilient and believe this training is good for you and your pup. 

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This training might be heartbreaking for any pet parent. Fortunately, we have 5 extra tips to make this training easier for both your and your lovely fur baby.

Leave your t-shirt on your dog’s bed

You should not leave your puppy alone in the playpen while you’re at work. Your old t-shirt can help to calm your dog down when he can smell you close by. This trick is helpful with puppy separation training also.

Relax your pet before your leaving

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Take your dog out for a walk before you leave so that he has time to relax, have fun and go to the toilet. Return at least half an hour before you plan to leave. You can feed him a light meal before going. With this tip, your dog will take some time during your absence to eat, do some stretches after eating and maybe sleep.

Leave some of your dog’s favorite toys with them

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Some toys to chew and to play with is a must when you start this dog separation training. Dog puzzle is a good idea because it can keep your pup busy and stimulated for a while. 

Minimize disturbances

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Some dogs might be triggered by other dogs or people passing by or by noises outside the house. Close the curtains and leave their bed in a quiet room to prevent your dog puppy from barking when left alone at night if your dog is sensitive to disturbances. 

Be present virtually

Investing in a dog monitor is not a bad idea. This device can help you to check on your pup and give you peace in mind. You can even communicate with your dog when you have to be away for too long.  





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