Customized Gifts That Will Accommodate The Unique Preferences’ Of That Cat-loving Friends.

Customized Gifts That Will Accommodate The Unique Preferences’ Of That Cat-loving Friends.

According to numerous studies, people who are cat lovers accounted for less than dog-lovers, which is why they often possess unique characteristics with special preferences. Consequently, choosing a perfect gift for cat people can be quite tricky since they can be seen as slightly picky. However, you don’t have to worry anymore because Noble Pawtrait understands this unique group of people’s insight and will guide you on how to find the best gift for cat owners.

What makes cat lovers so unique?

If asked, most people tend to say that cats are more unlikable than dogs since they seem less friendly. However, this trait can also be described as introverted if you want to describe a human. Many studies have concluded that people who love cats are often enjoyed their solitude space and open to new artistic and unusual ideas. 

Here at Noble Pawtrait, we offer customized products that can not only check all that preference boxes but also satisfy the love obsession of your cat-loving person. 

Something artistic and surreal: Customized Pet Portraits

Nothing more artistic than a canvas painting. But instead of getting a generic canvas painting, why not give a customized portrait of their baby cats for that friend who is passionate about both arts and cats. What better way to show how well you know your friend when the gift is a combination of the two things that represent your friend’s personality. The surprising twist of this cat portrait would be seeing their feline friend turn into an actual human dressing as Heros, Movie Characters, and more. 

Moreover, as an introvert, they probably enjoy spending most of their time at home. So this cat portrait will be a great house decoration that can instantly prompt conversations. 

It may sound complicated, but the only step you need to do is upload a quality photo of their kitty’s face and choose a theme, then sit back and let us do the rest. 

Customized Gifts For Cat Lovers Image 1

Image source: Noble Pawtrait

For someone who likes pondering alone while sipping a cup of coffee: Cat portrait mugs

Nowadays, probably anyone must need a caffein-kick to start the day or a hot drink to cozy up during the night. This especially true for introverts which most of them must appreciate alone time, simply just to contemplate their day, slowly sip a cup of coffee while stroking their kitty on their laps. 

Imagining how happy and peaceful your cat lovers must be when they can hold in their hand a warm cup of delicious coffee with their adorable feline baby. This customized pet mug can help those shy cat lovers to get involved in social conversation because who can resist the urge to ask about this lovely and a bit funny cat mug. 

Besides the sweet face of their kitty, you can add Noble Pawtrait available quotes or write a few words you want to dedicate to your friend. These words will last forever and remind them of you every time they read it. 

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Image source: Noble Pawtrait 

For those nights that all they want is to cuddle up with a good book or a movie: Customized blankets with their cat on 

If you asked cat owners to describe what their perfect day like, most of them would say that it will be a day by themselves while enjoying their favourite book or a movie, and listening to their kitty’s satisfied purring sound of being pet by them. If that is the case, then why don’t you give your cat-loving friends something that they can snuggle in with their beloved feline friend. Noble Pawtrait pet portrait fuzzy blanket will make sure your friend stays warm and wrapped with cuteness. 

The only small flaw in this gift is this cozy cat portrait blanket might make it hard for your indoorsy cat fan to get out of the house. Well, because why leave when you can stay warm and happy with your feline baby?

Customized Gifts For Cat Lovers Image 3

Image source: Noble Pawtrait

Something matchy for a small cat fan family: Customized couple pet hoodie

For that couple in your life, when the two most important things in their life are each other and their feline baby, an ideal gift would be something that can showcase and celebrate their special love for each other. The overload of cuteness of the matching set of Noble Pawtrait hoodies with their kitty’s face on will definitely bring a few tears of joy. We can already picture the happiness on your friends face in their little family photos while wearing the customized cat portrait hoodies and holding their feline baby. 

Noble Pawtrait pet hoodies are suitable for both genders which it is available in 2 basic colors: black and white.  Moreover, no matter what your body type is, we have it covered since our customized hoodie is available from size S up to 4XL. 


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