6 Perfect Gifts That Surely Melt The Heart Of That Dog Lovers In Your Life

6 Perfect Gifts That Surely Melt The Heart Of That Dog Lovers In Your Life

Just like their pets, dog owners are usually soulful people and have unconditional love for their furry babies. This is why they can be a little obsessed with their dogs. Therefore, what can be a more perfect gift for these dog lovers than products customized with their adorable doggie’ faces? If that is what you are looking for, then Noble Pawtrait suggests a variety of gifting options that will surely melt your dog owners’ hearts. 

Customized gift for any occasion 

    • Personalized Pet Mugs

      In today’s hectic life, most people need to be woken up by a cup of coffee or tea in the morning in order to start their day. Dog moms and dads are not an exception, so if you really want to give them something that they will surely use every day and be reminded of you, then personalized mugs with their beloved pups on are the best choice. It will certainly give those pups’ moms and dads a smile every morning when the first thing they see is their furry babies’ faces. 

      If you want the present to be more meaningful and well-thought, pairing the mugs with his or her favourite bags of coffee beans or tea and placing them in a nice basket.

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      Image source: Noble Pawtrait

      • Customized Pet Portraits 

      For that artistic friend of yours who likes to decorate their home, a canvas painting is always a perfect option. However, to increase the “wow” effect to that painting and satisfy the dream of every dog owner, let’s dress up their pups into different themes and print them on canvas. These pet portrait canvases will not only brighten up their home but also bring so much joy for everyone who enters the house and sees these adorable paintings. These pet portrait canvases are both meaningful and unique gifts that no one will expect to receive.  

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      Image Source: Noble Pawtrait

      • Customized Cakes with their Doggie images

      If the dog lover of yours happens to also be a dessert lover, then why not combining their two favorite things into one? Imagine walking into the party, holding on your hands is an adorable customized cake with the dog owner’s doggie face on it, you will surely make that person jump up and down with excitement. What better gift that is both delicious and Instagramble?

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      Image source: Decopac

      • Collar Charms

      Everyone knows that those dog owners have a little obsession with dressing up their furry babies with cute costumes and accessorized collars. However, buying a suitable outfit for their dogs can be a challenge because of the fitting issue. So how about starting with an easier one by making a personalized charm for their dogs’ collars. The charm can be engraved with their dogs’ names or birthdays or maybe a few loving words from you to your friend. To make it even more meaningful, a couple charms that the owner and their pups will each have is a perfect way to represent the special bond between them. 

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      Image source: Pet Smart
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      Image source: Etsy

      Customized gift for wintertime 

      For that wintertime, a perfect present for anyone is something cozy and comfy that people can snuggle in.

      • Personalized Pet Sweaters or Hoodies

      Does that dog owner in your life not seem to be able to stop talking about their furry babies and want everyone to see how cute their babies are? Well, there is no better way to start that conversation than wearing a customized sweater or hoodies with their pups’ faces on. But if you want to bring up the cuteness to the next level, then instead of printing a normal picture of their dogs, you can pick a fun or artistic theme like Renaissance or Sport that you would like to see the dogs in. This present will absolutely make your dog-loving giftee speechless and make these cozy sweaters or hoodies even warmer since they can hold their furry babies close to their hearts.

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      Image Source: Noble Pawtrait

      • Customized Pet Blanket

      After an exhausting day at the office, especially during the wintertime, everyone will want to jump into their comfortable beds and snuggle in their soft and cozy blankets. So for that dog-loving person who seems to always want to spend their time in bed, surrounded by their doggies, a customized pet blanket with their precious dog is certainly a must-have product. You will definitely be an unforgettable part of your dog-loving friend’s life because every time they wrap themselves while sleeping, they will be thinking of you. 

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      Image Source: Noble Pawtrait

      If you are intrigued by these adorable gifts and know someone who would die for them then you have come to the right place. Noble Pawrtrait offers exactly these special items with an adorable twist by illustrating furry babies in fun and artistic themes such as Renaissance, Hero, etc. To get these one-of-a-kind gifts, you just need to select one quality photo of your friend's pet babies, which they surely have a ton, and wait for the surprise that will be delivered to your doorsteps. 

      So if you want to have a gift that is assuredly memorable to your dog-loving friends, Noble Pawrtrait will guarantee to deliver a gift that will imprint in their mind forever.
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