5 Custom Dog Portraits - A Great Gift for the Holidays

5 Custom Dog Portraits - A Great Gift for the Holidays

Do you have someone on your gift list with a dog that is a beloved family member? What would make a better gift than a custom portrait of their furry companion? Let Noble Pawtrait craft the customized gift that they will cherish for years to come.

Ordering is easy. Visit our site, upload a photo of the pet, and choose one of the popular designs for the heirloom portrait. You will receive your portrait on a sturdy, high-quality canvas, with a hardwood frame ready to be hung in a special place to commemorate the beloved dog.

Choose a portrait style that reflects the personality of the pet.

The Prince

The Prince Pet Portrait

The prince portrait is perfect for those whose dogs are treated like royalty. The animal’s face is clearly the focus of this masterpiece, but we add a touch of quirky fun by making it appear as though the animal is dressed like a prince from another era.

The Gentleman

The Gentlemen Pet Portrait

The Gentleman is one of our most popular portraits, mimicking the portraits of business tycoons. The portrait captures the fun of a regal pet who rules the home with grace and style. The dog will appear dressed in an expensive business suit, posed in front of a shelf of old first-edition books. The Gentleman portrait collection is a fun way to capture the personality of the pet that rules the household.

The Hustler

The Hustler Pet Portrait

Straight from the pages of GQ, The Hustler places the dog’s image in a stylish suit posed languishing against a brick wall. The portrait is perfect for those whose dogs have a personality that says, “I am a well-dressed and well-mannered” gentleman. The portrait is perfect for any room in the house and is guaranteed to be a conversation piece.

The Wizard

The Wizard Pet Portrait

For a touch of whimsy to your pet portrait, The Wizard is reminiscent of Harry Potter. What pet lover could resist a high-quality portrait of their furry friend in round glasses and a wizards cape? Given that pets seem to bring magic into our lives, acknowledging them with a fun fantasy portrait is the perfect way to capture a dog’s unique personality.

The Queen

The Queen Pet Portrait

A royal portrait complete with a sophisticated crown makes this portrait the perfect option for the pet lovers who treasure their pet as the queen of their home. The portrait is light-hearted yet stylish and sleek—with the dog appearing dressed in a royal gown laden with jewels.

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