Make your pet owners in your life feel extra special with these amazing customized pet gifts. 

Make your pet owners in your life feel extra special with these amazing customized pet gifts. 

Do you have some special occasion coming up and wonder what is the perfect gift that can show how much you care for someone? Does that special someone is also a pet parent? Then Nobel Pawtrait thinks that a customized pet gift will instantly win that someone’s heart despite the occasion. 

Personalized pet mugs with special quotes

Some people may think that the importance of a gift is the size or the financial value behind the gift, hence, the bigger the better. However, sometimes a small gift that is specially made with love and care is what will melt anyone’s heart, especially those pet lovers who are mostly very soulful. 

Personalized mugs with an adorable picture of their furry baby would be the perfect gift that will accompany your pet-loving friend in their daily life. You could never go wrong with a mug since there is nothing like spending leisure time with a cup of hot drink such as coffee or tea while petting their beloved furry babies. You could make the mug unique by dressing up their pets into their favourite character in movies and write a few words designated to your friends. 

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Image source: Noble Pawtrait

Customized movie poster of their pet face

We all have that one friend who enjoys their solitude time on their couch just to watch all sorts of movies, eat popcorn and cuddle up with their furry companions. If that is the case then a poster of their pet dressing as their favorite movie character would make them jump over the moon. 

Having movie posters hanging around the movie room can make them feel like they have their own cinema. However, it will be way more interesting because these unlike the ordinary posters at the cinema, these posters have their furry babies as the stars. 

Transforming your pet into movie stars can be achieved by a few clicks away. You can take one of their pet’s photos that is high quality and feature clearly its face, then select the movie theme you like, and voila, your Nobel Pawtrait pet portrait poster will arrive at your doorsteps in the next few days.

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Image source: Nobel Pawtrait

Personalized T-shirt 

Alert! This personalized gift is for pet-obsessed people only! A personalized shirt with their pet on is not always suitable for everybody because some may feel a little embarrassed. 

However, if you feel like your pet-owned friend is a bit crazy about their fur baby and seem cannot stop talking about their pet, then there is no better gift than a customized T-shirt with their pet face. A graphic T-shirt has always been a great conversation starter, especially the one with a cute furry face on with fun and interesting theme like a movie, occupation, etc. This gift will be ideal for that pet lover who has to travel often because when they are missing their fur baby, they can just look down on their chest, and see the smiling faces of their fur baby.

Nobel Pawtrait customized T-shirts are unisex and suitable for all types of body size. T-shirts are available in 8 different colors and the size range is from S to 5XL. 

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Image source: Noble Pawtrait

A pendant necklace features their fur baby

Some people might think a pet portrait is a bit much or a pet graphic T-shirt is not their style then let try to find something small but still have the sentimental effect. Nothing tie a special bond between a human and their pet better than a specially customized necklace. Plus, this is a gift that your giftee can keep close by their side and remind them about you, one of their important people besides their furry babe.  

The pendant necklace come in 3 colors which suitable for all type of skin tone and preference. After sending your pet portrait, it will be carefully engraved on the pendant and you may write your pet’s name below the portrait up to 12 characters of text. 

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Image source: Etsy

An embroidery dog collar

Sometimes the best gift for the pet owner is something specially made for their furry companion. If their pet is the kind that like to wander around, a collar with their name and the emergency contact on will be a practical gift in case their pet gets lost. The advantage of an embroidery collar is that it will not fade over time and washable. This comes in a variety of color combination that can show your creativity and character, plus, the adjustable side-release buckle dog collar goes on in a snap, make it faster to buckle up or release. 

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Image source: Orvis

Why personalized gift is the most valued gift for anyone?

Everyone nowadays is currently live in a busy world that is industrialized day by day, thus, gift-giving today is often less sentimental and more mass. But we all know that the gift is valued by the thought and the dedication of one to another rather than the materialistic gift itself. That is why a gift that is specially customized for an individual is not only meaningful and shows how much you know a person but also one of a kind. 


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